Redesigning the Reep Rewards mobile experience.



Redesigning the Reep Rewards
mobile experience.

Reep Rewards is a popular Irish “snap & earn” loyalty program, available for iOS and Android with over 50,000 users. We were asked to redesign the app around new ideas, improving the experience on every level.

We started with client-workshops to brainstorm and test all the concepts. After the workshops were completed, we wrote an outline of all necessary functionalities that we wanted to confront with actual users in a series of surveys. The idea was to learn from both regular & power users of the current app, to discover which functionalities overlap, which ones are not necessary and what’s missing.

Our plan was simple

Research, followed by even more research!
research more


Phase 1 - getting to know our users

2 surveys
30 users
59% female users
25 - 44 most prominent age group

After the initial workshops with the client we noted down our ideas, new concepts and solutions and started asking the users.

We were able to identify all the problems with the current app and list them in order of their relevancy to find out possible solutions. We created a 44-page detailed report from the survey results including comparisons between different target groups and lots of graphs!

We used two surveys on a group of 30 users each to learn a bit more about how they see the app. Our user base turned out to be mostly females (59%) between the ages of 25 - 44.


Now it was time to sharpen our pencils.

New wireframes

We knew what the users expected so we went to the drawing board and created a rough, lo-fi wireframe of the new app that we wanted to test on the users in research phase 2. The wireframe covered most of the app flow, sans the login / registration process.

Visual style testing

We also wanted to test visual styles, as our initial tests have proven, that our female user base wasn’t really interested in the hip-minimal-design language, which they found cold and technical. We even created one with a wooden background! We were very curious which design will be preferred by the users.



Phase 2 - design & flow testing

The second survey has proven, that in general the users understand the app flow well and only minor adjustments are needed.

We believe that every design style has it’s purpose and even wooden backgrounds can be done with taste and style if the users prefer it. We were ready for anything but…

…almost 70% preferred the control version of the design


Strong colours are good. Obvious information is great
I can clearly see the product, the cost, and the brand name.

One of the survey answers



Hello’s and Congratulations seem more sincere when written by hand

Knowing what the users prefer we adjusted the wireframes and started creating the visuals. The final style came up as a mix of minimal and shadows (1), not that far from the later announced Google “Material Design”. We decided on two fonts - Lato for most of the content, and a handwriting style font called “Jenna Sue” for a more personal touch.

We softened the colours of the previous app a little bit so they blend better together and started working on a set of rules for the app (margins, font-sizes, proportions - 3,4). The rules had to be adjusted from time to time in the process, but they helped us keep every part of the app visually consistent.


over 327168000 pixels created


PSD files


app prototypes


hi-fi animations


lo-fi animations


flow diagrams


individual assets


cups of coffee


mate drinks

  • interactive slider prototype
  • Dropdown menus interaction design
  • Survey folding in and out
  • Offers zoom in
  • Swipe away offers