App users hate this - how to avoid uninstalls?


Are your mobile app users are happy with how it works? Or are they frustrated and angry at how difficult and annoying it is? It turns out there are very common, if not obvious reasons, that lead users to stop using your app. They often uninstall it and leave a one-star rating as a parting gift.

What are those reasons?

1. Annoying notifications (push)

Push notifications are little messages that are reminding the users about app related activities when the app is not currently in use. For example a ftiness app can remind you about a daily workout, and your favorite news app can send you headlines based on your preferences. In many cases this is desired and improves the overall experience of a product. Sometimes however, the sheer amount of those pings can feel overwhelming, frustrating and plain annoying. Some apps have settings in which you can tweak the number of notifications you receive. The ones that don't and at the same time send a lot of them are usually the first ones on the uninstall list.


2. Complex and long onboarding process

One of the most annoying things after downloading a new app is the delay before you can actually used. This can be caused by a very long and difficult to complete onboarding & registration process. If after downloading, the first thing the user can see is a huge and complex form, often asking about meaningless or fragile information, they usually leave the app without completing it. Long forms are also plagued by UI problems like to many steps, or important information hiding behind the keyboard overlay.

Almost 70% of users quits the app without registering if the process is too long, too complicated or too hard to understand.


3. Bugs and other technical problems

Users feel extremely irritated if the app they just downloaded doesn't work as advertised. This can be anything from crashes, freezes, to being unable to connect to a server. A lot of the apps out there suffer from these problems and they are often swept under the rug. The consequence is the user feeling the product is of poor quality, which in turn reflects that view on the brand itself. It's important to understand that your product is like a business card of your brand- you need to make sure the quality is as high as possible and that it does work as advertised. If you fail your users it's very hard to get them back.

If you want to know if your app is perfect, functional and user friendly - get in touch with us - we do full digital product audits from User Experience funnels, technical problems and basic UI mistakes impacting the overall quality.


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